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[software]OneOnly - http://www.evova.com/oneonly/
Create single instance applications linked to associated file types. When the associated file is double clicked, it will be handled by a single instance of your application. This lets your application act like Media Player rather than Notepad. Each time you double click a media file, Media Player does not open a new window but re-uses the existing one.
Keywords: OneOnly; System and utilities; Development; Libraries; OneOnly
Downloads: 49
[software]AbridgeInsert - http://www.3SWare.com/abridge-insert/
This keyboard and clipboard extension allows you to insert commonly-used text into any application. It also add up to 10 extra clipboard entries. By using the supplied WordSets for common programming languages, you can edit your programs. The program supports MS and Borland editors.
Keywords: AbridgeInsert; System and utilities; Development; Hotkeys; AbridgeInsert
Downloads: 83
[software]Mentext - http://www.mimosil.com
This is an AI technology developed by Mimosil for working with plain English text. It is aimed primarily at developers and is supplied as a software component. Using Mentext's natural language processing capabilities, developers can enable their software to identify meaning or information conveyed in text, regardless of the words used.
Keywords: Mentext; System and utilities; Development; Libraries; Mentext
Downloads: 45
[software]ABHotKeys - http://www.amleth.com
This program allows users to assign hotkeys to launch programs. It supports launching of multiple programs from a single hotkey, and you can use it to stop and start Windows services. A log file keeps track of all open programs and how long a program has been used.
Keywords: ABHotKeys; System and utilities; Development; Hotkeys; ABHotKeys
Downloads: 79
[software]BlueJ - http://www.bluej.org
This is an integrated Java development environment for learning and teaching object-oriented programming and Java. The interface allows interactive creation and invocation of objects.
Keywords: BlueJ; System and utilities; Development; Environments; BlueJ
Downloads: 322
[software]Revolution - http://www.runrev.com
This is an easy-to-use integrated development environment for MacOS (Classic and X), UNIX, and Windows computers. It supports cross-platform database access, advanced multimedia including Quicktime movies and virtual reality, and a range of other advanced features. Using Revolution's user interface layout tools and built-in Transcript programming language, developers can create stand-alone, double-clickable applications for any supported platform...
Keywords: Revolution; System and utilities; Development; Environments; revolution
Downloads: 154
[software]Gel - http://www.gexperts.com
Gel is a Java IDE which is natively compiled for Windows. It has all of the features that you would expect in a professional IDE, including code completion, parameter hints, context-sensitive help and smart project management.
Keywords: Gel; System and utilities; Development; Environments; gel
Downloads: 944
[software]LangAgent - http://langagent.com
This is a software localization and proofreading suite. It enables you to divide the work of the programmer and the translator. It tracks changes, so if you release a new version with only a few changed messages, the program will generate tasks for translation including only these phrases. The program supports phrase dictionaries, so standard messages can be translated automatically. The LangAgent add-in for MSVC enables you to apply LangAgent to your projects.
Keywords: LangAgent; System and utilities; Development; Application enhancement; LangAgent
Downloads: 64
[software]ActivePen - http://www.activepen.com
This is a digital transparency based screen annotation tool integrated with a screen capture tool. It allows you to create annotations and mock-ups on your screen, and capture screens to a file or clipboard. You can paste the captured screen with the annotation to other applications such as e-mail or Office documents.
Keywords: ActivePen; System and utilities; Interface; System tray; Active Pen
Downloads: 159
[software]NameWiz - http://softbytelabs.com/
This program allows you to rename files, folders and sub-folders. It provides options for using sequential numbers and letters. You can also add prefixes and suffixes, change or add file extensions, specify capitalization rules, and sort by name, size, extension, date and time, and ascending and descending order. It also provides a thumbnail viewer. The MP3 plugin lets you rename your MP3 files using the music headers, such as author name, album name or song name...
Keywords: NameWiz; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming; NameWiz
Downloads: 110
[software]PStore - http://uversaconsulting.net/pstore/
This is a password storage application that uses TripleDES encryption to protect your passwords. PStore includes a connect function that allows you to directly connect to any Web site, server or device associated with a saved password. It is user configurable so PStore can be used to connect to any type of site and can even be configured to log you in automatically to some sites and devices.
Keywords: PStore; System and utilities; Security; Password recovery; PStore
Downloads: 56
[software]TaskRunner - http://www.watyf.com/TheApps.html
This automated multi-tasking application supports batch scheduling and allows for passing of arguments. Scheduled Batches can run on a minute, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. The program also includes an automated FTP upload utility, which can upload files or entire folders to a specified FTP server on a daily or weekly basis. A built-in e-mail notification service informs you when batches or FTP uploads have completed or failed.
Keywords: TaskRunner; System and utilities; Development; Macros and automation; TaskRunner
Downloads: 47
[software]SeekSame - http://www.barbus.biz
Sometimes the same files are saved twice or more in different folders. This utility helps you to make the list of the same files and delete excessive ones. Looking for the same files you can compare file name, file size, file date/time, and file content.
Keywords: SeekSame; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; SeekSame
Downloads: 57
[software]dsSafeSend - http://www.dslimited.biz/index.html
This program encrypts files using Blowfish. The recipient can decrypt your files even if he or she doesn't have a copy of dsSafeSend. You can organize the layout of your encrypted files and save the layout for future use. Files can be moved, renamed and added to folders of your choice. It supports drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer and from its own internal file explorer.
Keywords: dsSafeSend; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; dsSafeSend
Downloads: 22
[software]DFIncBackup - http://www.dfincbackup.net/freeware.htm
This is a personal backup program for incremental backup files to ZIP archives. Each archive can contain several root folders from different disk volumes and any subfolder can be tuned separately. You can detect file changes by date and content. You can also enable or disable backing up hidden and open files. Each root folder and tuned subfolder has file masks that control included and excluded file types...
Keywords: DFIncBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; DFIncBackup
Downloads: 25
[software]OrphansRemover - http://www.digiarch.org
This program searches for and deletes shortcuts with invalid targets in given folders and sub-folders, including your Start menu and Recent documents. For automation purposes, there are several command-line switches you can use.
Keywords: OrphansRemover; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; OrphansRemover
Downloads: 44
[software]AhaView - http://www.aha-soft.com/ahaview/
This image viewer and converter displays images in all popular formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, WBMP,XPM, XBM and TGA. It has a thumbnail mode and lets you quickly browse through numerous image files; open any of them full-size with a double click; and convert images to JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats. You can also move, copy, duplicate and rename files and copy images to the clipboard...
Keywords: AhaView; System and utilities; Development; Multimedia authoring; AhaView
Downloads: 56
[software]WinSwitch - http://www.marcoera.com/winswitch.htm
This utility displays a screen shot of every running program on your PC when you press the ALT+TAB keys. You can switch to another program by releasing the keys.
Keywords: WinSwitch; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WinSwitch
Downloads: 32
[software]SHBackup - http://www.sharmaq.com.br/backup/Index.htm
This program makes automatic backup copies of your important files and folders. Compress data in ZIP format, password protect the files, perform automatic shutdown, back up multiple files, and schedule all activity.
Keywords: SHBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; SHBackup
Downloads: 51
[software]Mil Shield - http://www.milincorporated.com/milshield2.html
This program cleans auto-complete forms and passwords, all index.dat files, temporary Internet files, cookies, and much more. It also cleans the tracks of some popular applications.
Keywords: Mil Shield; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; milshield
Downloads: 81
[software]IRCAS Alarm - http://www.ircas.com/
This security application notifies you when it detects motion. In addition to monitoring your computer's camera and detecting motion, IRCAS Alarm also lets you add emergency buttons, on and off key switches, and detection loops in your doors and windows. These alarm hardware components attach to your PC's ordinary RS-232 COM port, and let you use IRCAS Alarm to manage the security of your home. You can also attach multiple cameras, and monitor several rooms of your house simultaneously...
Keywords: IRCAS Alarm; System and utilities; Security; Video surveillance; IRCAS Alarm
Downloads: 63
[software]PhatBooster - http://www.phatlinks.com
This is a pop-up blocker, memory booster, Internet booster, port scanner, and diagnostic utility in one program. The program will also inform you when it's time to clean up certain parts of your system, and with a few clicks, PhatBooster will do it for you.
Keywords: PhatBooster; System and utilities; OS management; System maintenance; PhatBooster
Downloads: 58
[software]Codify - http://www.workstate.com/codify
This program allows developers to replace repetitive code patterns in projects with clean, error-free code that is automatically generated from templates. You can increase productivity on any C#, VB .NET or C++ project, eliminate errors from repetitive and highly patterned code, reinforce coding standards and best practices, and manage source code more efficiently and at a higher level of abstraction...
Keywords: Codify; System and utilities; Development; Authoring tools; Codify
Downloads: 71
[software]JanusNode - http://JanusNode.com
A JanusNode is a user-configurable dynamic textual projective surface- that is, a generator of random texts. JanusNodes contain tools for creating new texts, using a simple user-configurable rule-based text-generation language. It also contains rules for morphing old texts, using statistically methods such as Markov chains, or more random methods. The program comes with rules to write many forms of output, from haiku to insults to art criticism.
Keywords: JanusNode; System and utilities; Hobby and leisure; Fun stuff; JanusNode
Downloads: 160
[software]SAM - http://www.metalgrass.com/sam/sam.html
This is a collection of Small Application Modules. It includes a calendar with date calculations, a task and event reminder, a stop watch and timer, different time zone clocks, a quick notes module, a unit converter, a calculator, and Russian and Greek alphabet tables.
Keywords: SAM; System and utilities; General tools; Clocks and timers; sam
Downloads: 65
[software]CopyNook - http://www.lyfenko.com
This program allows you to use your scanner as a photocopier. You can crop, rotate, scale and mirror your documents, and adjust brightness and color, and put multiple copies on one page. CopyNook can also import documents from BMP, JPG, TIF, TGA, PSX and PNG formats, and output to the printer, file, e-mail or the Web. You can add text notes including current date and time.
Keywords: CopyNook; System and utilities; General tools; Scanners; CopyNook
Downloads: 69
[software]Linder SetupBuilder - http://www.lindersoftware.com/
This program offers everything you need to make a custom installer. A key feature of this program is the creation of the installer properties. These include application information (like modification date and file size), expiration date and the ability to select SmartUpdate. You will be able to test your installers before saving them so that you can work out the bugs.
Keywords: Linder SetupBuilder; System and utilities; Development; Installation tools
Downloads: 93
[software]Disk Order - http://www.agnatemoslem.net
This file management tool includes a CD-RW data recorder, an FTP client, CHMODE and a firewall. You can preview and manage all files on your computer in list and tree views, and preview folders windows.
Keywords: Disk Order; System and utilities; Development; Application launchers; Disk Order
Downloads: 51
[software]WinPLM - http://www.artisticlabs.com
This password management utility offers more than 100 user-customizable options, and you only have to remember one password. Passwords are protected with Blowfish encryption, and import and export wizards allow you to back up and synchronize data. Assign your accounts to groups for sorting. The program includes a password generator, a file shredder, and a 25-page user manual with screen shots.
Keywords: WinPLM; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; WinPLM
Downloads: 26
[software]passwordGuard - http://www.mythusoft.com
This program allows you to keep a master list of passwords securely encrypted on your computer. A single Master Key unlocks them all. Password Guard allows you to have any number of different password databases.
Keywords: passwordGuard; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; passwordGuard
Downloads: 35
[software]Changer XP - http://www.coolfilesearch.com/changerxp
This is an integrated tool to personalize your IE skin, desktop wallpaper, screen saver or boot screen. You can schedule screens to change automatically after a specified time period. Set intervals to minutes, hours or days. It supports thumbnail views, and image resampling with interpolation and averaging. Image dithering keeps the quality of the source image for your boot screen, desktop wallpaper or IE skin...
Keywords: Changer XP; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Changer XP
Downloads: 57
[software]UniClip - http://www.cmfperception.com/uniclip.html
This program lets a network of computers share a unique text clipboard. Copy text on one computer and paste it on any of the other computers on your network.
Keywords: UniClip; System and utilities; General tools; Clip boards; UniClip
Downloads: 33
[software]EasyRESChanger - http://www.easyreschanger.com/
This program allows you to change your resolution, color depth and refresh rate. The changes can be made using a menu or hotkeys.
Keywords: EasyRESChanger; System and utilities; Development; Macros and automation; EasyRESChanger
Downloads: 107
[software]Stick - http://www.iwonderdesigns.com/stick
Organize your desktop using screen tabs to access the Web, browse your hard drive or network, and take notes. With Note Taker tabs, you can quickly jot down richly formatted notes and access them at any time with ease. The integrated Web browser is based on Internet Explorer so you don't have to worry about browser compatibility.
Keywords: Stick; System and utilities; General tools; Clip boards; Stick
Downloads: 16
[software]Adrenaliner - http://www.adrenaliner.com
This program plays pop-up audio and video effects according to your settings.
Keywords: Adrenaliner; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Adrenaliner
Downloads: 75
[software]Password Storage - http://www.vitolab.com
This program stores passwords and other sensitive information.
Keywords: Password Storage; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; Password Storage
Downloads: 22
[software]COMRegHelper - http://www.esoft.co.il/Products/COMRegHelper/COMRegHelper_products.html
Register your COM files easily with this program. Just add the COM files by drag-and-drop, entire folders, or the favorites list. You can view the result of each file and, in case of failure, the program also supplies the cause. The program encapsulates the need to use regsvr32, /regserver and /service.
Keywords: COMRegHelper; System and utilities; Development; Installation tools; COMRegHelper
Downloads: 38
[software]Password Saver - http://www.nk-inc.com/passwords_saver.htm
This utilities stores passwords in an access database. The interface allows users to search by username, e-mail address, description, password or service. Users can also print passwords. The program is login and password protected. There is also a built-in password recovery tool.
Keywords: Password Saver; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; Password Saver
Downloads: 51
[software]SmartBuster - http://www.smartbuster.tk
This is an uninstaller, junk file eliminator, trace remover, task manager, file splitter and folder size viewer. You can also use it to format floppy disks and shred files.
Keywords: SmartBuster; System and utilities; OS management; System maintenance; SmartBuster
Downloads: 57
[software]APBackup - http://apsoft.ru
This is an automatic backup utility, which allows you to backup your information according to a schedule. APBackUp can archive in any format or copy data to specified folders on your local or remote computer. You can define how many of the recently created archive files will be kept on disk. For any archive task you can specify external applications to run before or after executing the task. It includes a built-in ZIP archiver and you can use external archiving plugins.
Keywords: APBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; APBackup
Downloads: 43
[software]Mahalosoft BionicSpider - http://www.mahalosoft.com/
This program allows you to group and hide any number of windows, and remove them from the task bar.
Keywords: Mahalosoft BionicSpider; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Mahalosoft BionicSpider
Downloads: 22
[software]WindowShade - http://www.edgebeyond.com/products/windowshade/
This program lets you hide windows that are obscuring your view by double-clicking the window title bar or pressing the Shift or Control key twice. The program can also make windows transparent.
Keywords: WindowShade; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WindowShade
Downloads: 27
[software]XMark - http://www.xmark.net
This is a system benchmarking and optimization suite. XMark uses distributed benchmarking, and includes advanced reporting features and the ability to compare results with as many systems as there are in an online database. XMark also offers specialized tests so you know the weak and strong points of your system configuration.
Keywords: XMark; System and utilities; OS management; Diagnostic tools; xmark
Downloads: 54
[software]FacileFill - http://www.freewebs.com/goodness/english/enindex.htm
This program stores your frequently-used snippets such as your name, e-mail address and user ID. FacileFill supplies it automatically, or semi-automatically, via Drag-Filling, Hotkey-Filling or a right click menu for IE.
Keywords: FacileFill; System and utilities; General tools; Clip boards; FacileFill
Downloads: 76
[software]Alloy - http://www.pgware.com/
This programming tool allows developers to embed all dependent files within the main EXE file. It compresses all files in the executable and extracts the files to pre-defined directories. The extraction of files is invisible to the user.
Keywords: Alloy; System and utilities; Development; Authoring tools; Alloy
Downloads: 55
[software]CryptoForge - http://www.cryptoforge.com
This suite of encryption tools allows you to protect the privacy of your sensitive files and messages by encrypting them with up to four cryptographic algorithms. Once the information has been encrypted, it can be stored on insecure media or transmitted on an insecure network, like the Internet. Later, the information can be decrypted into its original form. The file encryption module enables you to encrypt, decrypt and wipe files of any type...
Keywords: CryptoForge; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; CryptoForge
Downloads: 63
[software]InfoSafe Plus - http://www.wakefieldsoft.com/infosafe/
This secure information management program keeps track of and organizes items like user names, passwords, Web site logins, ID numbers, serial numbers, software codes, and insurance and financial information.
Keywords: InfoSafe Plus; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; InfoSafe Plus
Downloads: 25
[software]PrivacyDefence - http://www.privacydefence.com/
This program removes you Internet tracks without breaking any program's functionality. It is fully customizable and supports 18 programs. The secure session mode will help you keep the logs you want, while removing ones you don't.
Keywords: PrivacyDefence; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; PrivacyDefence
Downloads: 36
[software]Deskman - http://www.anfibia.net
This is a full-featured Desktop security tool with lots of options to secure and configure your Desktop and System. WIth this tool, security is now a simple task.
Keywords: Deskman; System and utilities; Security; User management; Deskman
Downloads: 28
[software]WinAlarm - http://winalarm.neostrada.pl/
This is a reminder and alarm program. You can use it to remind you of specific forthcoming events, or of events that recur on a regular basis. It provides a customizable pop-up color-coded window bearing whatever text you enter, plus an option for a customizable sound. It can also provide advance warnings and after-the-event reminder warnings.
Keywords: WinAlarm; System and utilities; General tools; Clocks and timers; WinAlarm
Downloads: 92
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